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Hello Jacksonville!
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:44:58 pm »
Hello everyone, and more directly to the Jax folks.

I have recently moved to the area for work. Coming from an 11 hour drive away, this makes my normal Thursday night game a bit difficult to get to per week!

I am Jeff, have a few years experience in Pathfinder and come a great group (if i say so my self) and looking to find some place local to check out / play. 

My move came about just as PF2 was getting on the market and i dont have as much play time as i would like, so im hoping to find a spot to fit in. Normal work hours in San Marco area.

As a history of char, well its been a few years and a few campaigns and a few society chars. Comfortable in nearly any role as needed.

Look forward to meeting some great folks here!