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A Very Merry Starfinder
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:28:04 pm »
A Very Merry Starfinder
December 7, 12 PM to 6 PM
We will have a special interactive tables event!
And the day after we'll have some great scenarios lined up Jacksonville Gaming Center

Starfinder Society Scenario #2-00: Fate of the Scoured God

A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-12.

Led by their divine herald, Dhurus, the jinsuls of the Scoured Stars have spent the last year converting their ancestral homeland into a vast war factory. Unable to ignore the jinsul threat any longer, the Starfinder Society and its many allies undertake one final, decisive mission into the Scoured Stars to end the jinsul menace. While failure could lead to the death of countless sentient beings, the real threat lies with the divine herald Dhurus, who has undertaken a scheme to wake the hidden god of the Scoured Stars and ensure jinsul dominance of the known galaxy.

Content in Fate of the Scoured God follows-up on the events of Starfinder Society #1-99: The Scoured Stars Invasion and directly follows-up from Starfinder Society #1-39: The Herald's War, though playing these previous scenarios is not required. Content in this scenario also contributes to the continuing goals of the Second Seekers (Jadnura) faction, Second Seeker (Luwazi Elsebo) faction and definitively concludes the ongoing year of the Scoured Stars storyline.

This adventure can be replayed for credit once in each of three level ranges: 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12, each time with a different PC. Likewise, a GM can apply credit for running this adventure up to three times to a different PC in each of those level ranges.

Written by Christopher Wasko

Scenario Tags: Exclusive, Faction (Second Seekers [Jadnura]), Faction (Second Seekers [Luwazi Elsebo]), Repeatable (Based on subtier ranges), Starship

Overseer: Alexi
Thomas Graham with ? ? (Generalist)
James Apostolou with Mystic ? (Divine Caster)
Scott L with Mechanic 8 (Striker - Ranged)
Benjamin Dominguez with Mechanic 5 (Generalist)
Perry Frix with Envoy 9 (Leader - Tactical)
Lindsey S. with Operative 3 (Striker - Ranged)
And room for MANY more players!

         New Players:

 We will have Pregens on hand and Paizo numbers. The Pregens we have are 1st, 4th and 8th. If you would like to make a character come game day please come in an hour early. Often there are friendly SFS members available to help you. Character generation rules can be downloaded here: , the Starfinder Society Guide. It has all the info you need to make a character. Or you can contact one of your friendly local Venture Officiers and we will be happy to help you. Whether it be at another game day, an event before this one or via email/phone call. If you decide you would want to play a pregen just to get a feel for things thats alright! You will get a chronicle sheet that you can apply to a new character. So you will credit for playing!! If you decide that you would like to play in higher level game just choose a pregen that can play in the tier or sub-tier like the 4th. You will get credit as mentioned before the only difference being that you will not get credit til the character you create hits the level you got credit for playing at!! If you have any more questions feel free to contact us or talk with your Store's Liaison Officer!!

          Signing Up:

When you ask to sign up for a spot we would like some info. We need your First name and which scenario you would like to play. Also Class and character level If you are unsure of the exact character lvl you maybe by the time Game Day rolls around that s okay. Plus if you have multiple characters of that lvl that's understandable. IF, you lvl out before hand let us know so we can get you into another scenario

Official signups will be done on
But we'll also be looking here too!
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