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December 5th Pathfinder 2e
« on: November 27, 2019, 07:58:16 pm »
I'll be running

Pathfinder Society Quest #4: Port Peril Pub Crawl

A Pathfinder Society Quest designed for levels 14 (subtiers 12 and 34).

Venture-Captain Calisro Bennary has arranged for the PC's transport to the pirate haven of Port Peril to make contact with Free Captain Stella Fane and negotiate a contract with her, facilitating Society movements through the pirate blockades in the area. The job seems simple: track down the the pirate captain, secure the agreement, and then return to Absalom. But few things are simple when a den of villainous pirates is involved, and it's unlikely the PCs will be able to leave Port Peril without throwing a few punches in a proper pub brawl!

Written by James Case.

Scenario tags: Repeatable


         New Players:

 We will have Pregens on hand and PFS numbers. The Pregens we have are 1st and 4th. If you would like to make a character come game day please come in an hour early. Often there are friendly PFS members available to help you. Character generation rules can be found here: , the Players Guide to Society link. It has all the info you need to make a character. Or you can contact one of your friendly local Venture Officiers and we will be happy to help you. Whether it be at another game day, an event before this one or via email/phone call. If you decide you would want to play a pregen just to get a feel for things thats alright! You will get a chronicle sheet that you can apply to a new character. So you will credit for playing!! If you decide that you would like to play in higher level game just choose a pregen that can play in the tier or sub-tier like the 4th. You will get credit as mentioned before the only difference being that you will not get credit til the character you create hits the level you got credit for playing at!! If you have any more questions feel free to contact us or talk with your Store's Liaison Officer!!

          Signing Up:

When you ask to sign up for a spot we would like some info. We need your First name and which scenario you would like to play. Also Class and character level If you are unsure of the exact character lvl you maybe by the time Game Day rolls around that s okay. Plus if you have multiple characters of that lvl that's understandable. IF, you lvl out before hand let us know so we can get you into another scenario

Evening Slot: 6pm - 10pm

GM: Patrick

1) Tullen McCracken   dwarf wizard 1
2) Decado Storm       champion 2
3) BaronJett              cleric 2
4) Courinne               halfling fighter

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Grog Bacchus    1/2Orc   Brutal Drinker 11/Rage Chemist 3
Wauter Walgherlync    1/2Orc rogue 9
Ithielad Skyscribe   Elf Wizard11
Xu Fei   Aasimar   cleric 11
Kaimi Envoy 6
Imperator Rex Mystic 4
Black-1482 Technomancer
XiQuy Druid 10
and a 34 more...


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Re: December 5th Pathfinder 2e
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019, 08:12:14 pm »
Put Tullen McCracken down for this.. dwarf wiz 1
-Kyrie Ebonblade: Musket Master 5/Grenadier 6
-Cindrana Longpath: Tiefling Adm Wiz 13/PFS Agent 1
-Baroness Roasa Del Noire of Lower Zanim Cleric 11/EoB 2
-Rhea Silverman Tower Spec 11
-Akim the Crafty Lore Warden 3/Trapsmith 4
-Boom Stick McKraken Gun Tank 1/Spellbreaker 6/Shield Mars 3


Re: December 5th Pathfinder 2e
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2019, 10:24:27 am »
Sign me up. Champion 1
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Re: December 5th Pathfinder 2e
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2019, 11:33:09 am »
Actually my champion is lvl2