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The Eyes of the Ten is the 'finale' of scenario play. I've GM'd portions of the series twice (the middle two) and played through the scenarios myself. It can be a challenge to play, even given it's age (season 1 &2). There are a few things to come up with that will help out in playing and gming it.

1. You have to be 12th. 33 xp exactly. No more. No less.
2. Expected to be audited. Your chronicles play a very big factor in what you might go into the scenarios with. There is a big portion of plot tied into the series. A lot of season 0-1 scenarios that make for a colorful backstory that will help out with role-play, so feel free to look them over an look for season 0-1 scenarios you might know. Point of Fact: I know at least five instances that knowing what boons you have payed off on the table. That is FIVE in three playthrus.

Suggestions for Prep:
1. Plan for a long play period the first scenario is EASILY 7+ hours. My first group was nearly 10 getting done. There are something like 11 acts. (Point of comparison: most normal scenarios are between 5 and 7 at most)
2. Build a balanced group of players that you get along with and with whom you cover a variety of things. My group had two heavy casters, two tanks, two awesome ranged assets,  and two healers as well as a heavy hammering beatstick (note we didn't have 7 people at our table, we had flexible players and charters that filled multiple roles. Aid another, and back up roles are an awesome way to make this rock more. My first play thru, had the players hamming it up, punning and enjoying themselves. My own play thru was with 'Cayden's Crewe'. Four followers of Cayden Cailen and two 'minders' (God help Eden and Andrew..they had to deal with an all CG group of crazy pathfinders.. thank you for playing though)
3. Plan out with your group. A better way to explain this. My 2nd group I gm'd for did this impressively. Scrolls for specific contingencies. (Dragon Form, Buffing, and such. Cleric went from meh in melee to the toughest guy on the field)
4. Plan to get hit: Some of the encounters will be WAY out of the typical CR+2 range.
5: Be patient: The GM has a LOT of work to do. Some of these encounters are terrifyingly complex with multiple attackers with special tactics.

Suggestions for Play:
1. First and foremost. HAVE FUN!!
2.Bring your 'A-game' roleplaying mind set. This is your PCs swan song. No more scenarios for you. Only a hand full of modules and something like 3 specials are open for play. You're ending the big play run, now you'll only be bringing out your 13+ character for a damn few shots. Have fun.. ham it up with your fellow players. Role play with them. Not over them. This is their swan song too.

Suggestions for potential GMs.:
1. Play it before you GM it if you can at all possibly do it. We here in Jax now have a pool of like 10 GMs that have gone thru it, in part or whole. Ask around, find a DM your team particularly likes.
2. GM Prep is pretty intense in parts, I would suggest Thea Peters GM prep site (Purple Fuzzy CatBunnyGnome on the PFS message boards @ Paizo.) Her site is Here

Alternatives to Eyes of the Ten.

At the moment, there is but one. The high level supermodule Wardens of the Reborn Forge, set in the Arkenstar region of Golarian. Very nice for gunslingers, alchemists and folks who like desert/wastelands with magical mutants. So, enjoyment of it might vary. It has a 'Seeker Option'.

Quote from: Straight from the Chronicle Form
Seeker Arc Option
In addition to the legal ways to play described above,Wardens of the Reborn Forge can be played as a special challenge for Seeker characters—12th-level characters with 33–35.5 XP. The PCs play through the entirety of the module, observing all the rules of Pathfinder Society Organized Play; however, the PCs earn the module’s Chronicle sheets as they complete those parts of the
adventure. When the PCs complete the entire module, they receive the fourth Chronicle sheet in addition to their other rewards. This is the only way to receive this fourth  Chronicle sheet, though a GM who runs the entire module and applies all three of the first Chronicle sheets to the same character may also apply the fourth sheet to that PC. If a PC receives credit for a different adventure before completing Wardens of the Reborn Forge using this option, he forfeits the opportunity to earn the fourth sheet.

There are PLANS too phase out Eyes this coming year (or the next) but if you have some characters you'd like to groove with.. I'm sure had I not put my cleric Roasa as my GM credit for EoTT that I would be cherry picking folks for my play thru.. like Tyler's cowardly, but effective, fighter Grumbeld (or as she calls him Rumbeld the Yellow.. yeah.. Roasa is a pain.:D ). Would have made for an interesting play thru I'm sure.

To sum up: Look for a gang you'd like to play with, characters that click with yours..and plan for a fight.. cause it can be.

I'll throw up a few things as I recall them (looking back thru the scenarios as I work this post up)

GM items that can be helpful: (This will be updated)

Flip Maps:
-Pathfinder Lodge
-Kyrie Ebonblade: Musket Master 5/Grenadier 6
-Cindrana Longpath: Tiefling Adm Wiz 13/PFS Agent 1
-Baroness Roasa Del Noire of Lower Zanim Cleric 11/EoB 2
-Rhea Silverman Tower Spec 11
-Akim the Crafty Lore Warden 3/Trapsmith 4
-Boom Stick McKraken Gun Tank 1/Spellbreaker 6/Shield Mars 3


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Hol Horse after having dragonS try to drown him in lava makes him allowed to have a couple escape items
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