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Maddi's Heroes Board Game Marathon
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Hello all!
I recently got to talk to Alex Wicklein, the organizer of the Maddi's Heroes Board Game Marathon. Alex's daughter, Maddi, is a leukemia survivor. She was diagnosed at the age of 2, but is now cancer free and is raising money to kick cancer's butt! For the past two years, the family has organized an annual board game marathon to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. First it was 14 hours. Then 16 hours. Now it is a two-day board game marathon event starting Saturday, September 14th, and ending on Sunday, September 15th.

I have volunteered to run Pathfinder 2e demos at the event, as well as participate as a marathoner. Demo volunteers don't get a discount on registration, but they get extra raffle tickets to thank them for volunteering. What's more: the marathon includes food, water, and tons and tons of board games to sate you during the event. There are also raffles for big ticket items like gift cards, board games, and big ticket items like a 50-inch 40k Screen TV.

If this sounds like an event you'd be interested in, registration starts at $50. You can sign up here and submit your raffle tickets as well. Please let me know if you sign up, and maybe we can organize some modules or Society games to play during the event. I'll also be bringing some of my own board games, too.
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