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August 27th Starfinder
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:15:59 pm »

Event Time: 6pm - 10pm
Gather Time: 5pm - 5:45

Event Code: 551,318

Table 1
#1-22  "The Protectorate Petition"

GM: Anna G.

The alien copaxis have long inhabited their world in Near Space but only recently petitioned the Pact Wolds for protectorate status. Sent as part of a delegation to review the petition's virtues and validity, the PCs must explore the ancient copaxi ruins and learn about this applicant species' history. Will the PCs decide to vouch for the copaxis, or will the PCs discover something that casts the copaxis' petition into doubt?

Written by Mike Kimmel

Tags: Starship

Table 2
#1-16  "Dreaming of the Future"
GM: Annie M.

The Starfinder Society pursues the dream visions of a Liavaran dreamer, seeking information lost in a time before the Gap. Three broken fragments form the key to a forgotten repository of knowledge hidden within the Pact Worlds. It's up to the PCs to find these missing fragments and brave the dangerous reliquary to secure a new source of prescient knowledge for the Society.

"Dreaming of the Future" includes four, 1-hour adventures that take the PCs into the asteroid field of the Diaspora and across the Pact Worlds of Aballon, Liavara and Verces.

Written by Natalie Kertzner, Nate Wright, Sasha Lindley Hall, and Tineke Bolleman

Tags: Quest, Repeatable, Starship

New Players:
We have everything you need to walk in and play. If you would like to make your own character, please come in an hour early for help, or see the resources below for how to make your own at home. If you play a pregenerated character you can still apply the credit for playing to your actual, customized character. Any more questions can be directed at Anna/Snowcat via these forums. is where you will make an account and register a character. For detailed instructions on how to claim a Paizo number given at an event, click here.

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide has all the information you need for playing Starfinder Organized Play, how to make your character differently from a home game, and special rules for Starfinder Society games.

*** Please remember to bring your reference materials.*** These are Chronicle Sheets and any book you are using a feat, spell, item, or class option from outside of the Core Rulebook. PDFs must be watermarked with your name and email, which shows that you purchased them from Paizo. If you don't own the books, PDFs, or Chronicle Sheets that detail your character option, your character is not legal. We can give you a pregen and help you rebuild your character, but you will not be able to play until the errors are fixed.

About the Store:
Java Game Haus is a boardgame cafe that is half coffee shop, half game store. Be sure to familiarize yourself with its more unique policies.
  • No outside food or drink. Java is a cafe with a food and drink menu, as well as "Play-n-Eat" combos.
  • Table fees are $2 for players. GMs don't pay table fees. GMs also receive $1 in store credit for each player at their table. For multiple tables, we tally up the total players at an event and divide the credit amongst the GMs present.
  • All players get 15% off RPG supplies the day they play. GMs get 20% off.
  • Table fees are added towards the Paizo Retail Incentive. Retail Incentive Receipts only count when paid with cash or card, not store credit. Payment can be split and the portion paid by cash/card will be counted.
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