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Dragon's Demand
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I am wanting to run Dragon's Demand this summer if there is enough interest.  Obviously this would be a multi-week requirement as I believe it will probably take 4-6 weeks to complete.  I would like to run this on Tuesdays, and am looking to start sometime around June 6 or June 13 and play as often as we can until we finish (maybe each week or maybe bi-weekly with 2 days on the play week?)  I am only concerned with being able to finish before I have to go back to work for the next school year which is why I want to push it so often.

If Tuesdays are bad, another day of the week could be possible but I need to know ahead which day so I can try to rearrange my work schedule.

I am wanting to run this using the alternative method which means you will get PFS chronicle sheets for a PFS character but we will not be restricted to PFS rules for the actual Module.  Instead you will be using an avatar in place of your PFS character.  This will basically be a homebrew game that you get PFS credit for. 

You will receive 3 chronicle sheets worth 3XP each and if all are applied to the same PFS character, then there is a 4th chronicle that you will get for another 3XP.  It is possible if you apply them in the right order, that you can take a lvl 2 PFS char to lvl 6 or a lvl 3 to lvl 7 (If you apply them to a lvl 1, then you will have a gap between lvl 4-5 before you can apply the 4th sheet.)

I will draft up my allowed avatar build parameters and send those out if I have enough players interested (looking for 5-6).  Please respond on here if you would like to play.


1. Max
2. Maria
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Re: Dragon's Demand
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Max and I would definitely be interested.
We would be available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Mondays and Wednesdays would be a bit trickier, because every other Wednesday Max runs the SFS AP at Borderlands, and every other Monday we are hoping to make SFS at Java a thing, but we do have the two other Mondays and Wednesdays open as well


Re: Dragon's Demand
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*loud internally screaming*

Okay, so if Maria and Max are playing then I'd like to play too. Except I would ONLY have every other Monday free, which would be the same ones that they have free. But my other day off is occupied, so for me it's Monday or bust.

My only question is how credit is applied to a character that isn't within the module's tier. You mention applying credit to level 2 or 3 characters, but I thought Dragon's Demand was level 1. I was under the impression that even in campaign mode the PFS character needed to be within the AP or module's levels when the credit is applied.
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Re: Dragon's Demand
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Hey I'm free for Tuesday's at coolstuff, so I'd like to join!
Currently looking at a support Flaming Ghoran Unchained Summoner build I'd love to try.
(Eidolon wouldn't be very combative early game, serpentine base form. If allowed I'd love to try out an Unchained Spirit Summoner (Flame Spirit) with this since it's a homebrew type deal) Want to call it the Bark of an Ashen Tree

Otherwise I'll run with a TWF build (Human) or Vishkanya Fighter
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