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Silver Dragon Knights31
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:16:00 pm »
Silver Dragon Tavern & Games
13754 N Kendall Dr.
 Miami, Fl 33186

Pre-gen characters can be provided for those who do not have PFS characters made and WALK-IN'S are always WELCOME!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Pathfinder Society Scenario #407: Severing Ties
A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 15.

The Pathfinder Society has discovered a new Aspis Consortium base in the pirate city of Riddleport and sends a small team of agents to infiltrate the rival cell disguised as newly hired mercenaries from Magnimar. After proving their value to the Aspis Consortium by carrying out a number of tasks throughout the City of Cyphers, the Pathfinders can learn the location of one of the consortium's local allies and ensure that the support the Aspis Consortium is counting on from their friends won't come.

Written by Ron Lundeen.
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