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Re: Feb.17th Game Day
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2 for table 3 noon
GRUNBELD Lev 11 fighter cowardly dwarf,curse collector
Gutts the chosen one lev 9 barbarian Chosen one, master libaryain
Jim the Fox lev 7 skald finder of haunted books
Hol Horse Gunslinger Lev 14 demon lord slayer
Gryo Zeppeli airbender lev 8 gnome who will never touch the ground again


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Re: Feb.17th Game Day
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"How do I know she's Evil? Simple. She's wearing Black Leather, holding a Whip and interested in me. She's Evil."

Corax'thyn (elf) Lvl 13 Rogue "Fears no Dragon"
For-Loc Gutbuster of Hammerhall (Dwarf) Lvl 2/8 F/Cleric
Mince (Goblin) Lvl 10 Ranger
Khelish the Cold lvl-10 Wiz Evoker