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December 1 Pathfinder
« on: December 01, 2017, 04:24:14 pm »
Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Today at Cool Stuff Games at 7pm we will be having two tables with two following scenarios for players to choose from:

PFS 3-05: Tide of Twilight (Level1-5) In researching a recently recovered druidic lorestone, the Pathfinder Society learns of a powerful artifact with the power to turn men into bestial abominations. Amid claims of increased werewolf activity in the region, the PCs travel into the heart of the Verduran Forest to retrieve the valuable relic from a cabal of evil druids believed to currently hold it.

PFS 7-15: The Deepmarket Deception (Level 3-7) When the Pathfinder Society claimed the Hao Jin Tapestry in Tian Xia, it seemed as though the Aspis Consortium's influence there had ended. An anonymous informant recently identified an Aspis resurgence in Goka's Deepmarket, and Venture Captain Amara Li hopes that a small, well-trained team can ferret out the villans and prevent any greater atrocities. Can the PCs traverse the Deepmarket's  treacherous politics and tunnels and neutralize the Consortium's local ringleader?

With these two scenarios can bring out the mysteries of what is going on in Pathfinder. Come out and enjoy there two table and the game of Pathfinder. If you are planning to come out and join these two tables, please make sure that you sign up at . New Players are always welcome. Hope to see you soon!!  :) :)