Author Topic: Borderlands Game Knights Announcements for July 2017 and beyond!!  (Read 348 times)


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Hello Everyone!

I hope your summertime has been good so far. I have a couple of announcements for PFS and Borderlands concerning the next 3 months: August, September, and October.

First things First: Ire of the Storm Module finished this past Wednesday! As promised a low level Module was ran. (Thank you David!) we intend to run scenarios for the next two months and come November we will revisit doing either a module or an AP. Wednesday nights at Borderlands will be on hiatus until the end of August.

August: Gone Gaming at Gen Con!  For the 3 game nights that occur in August we are going to be taking a break. It's smack dab in the middle of CON season with two big CONs- Gen Con and Dragon Con at the end of the month leading into September.

September:  Sept. 6th will be our first game night back in action. We will resume the Bi-Weekly Schedule. We are gonna have a few 3-7s to choose from. I will post Scenarios come the last week of August.

October:  I am hopeful that certain scenarios and modules will be legal to run for PFS. If so, they will be offered. If not then I plan on offering a Tier:12-15 Scenario, my treat 😈

November: We may offer another Module like Ire of the Storm or an AP. It is unsure at this point. Which will be done. Whatever is offered I am hoping will be done within 2-4 sessions. As there are other scenarios that will be coming out this month that many are going to want a crack at. I will take a poll come the end of October as we should have a good idea what will be happening by then and go from there.

I hope you guys have a good weekend and see you after Gen Con!

          - J.A.

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