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July 19th 7-11pm
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:05:33 pm »
Please sign up early so our GMs can prepare for the correct tier!

Looking for GMs - Just reply to this post if you want to GM

Muster at 6:30p, Starting at 7:00p

When signing up, please state your name, class and table you would like to sign up for. (See the format below)
Ex: Dave - Fighter lvl 5 - Table 1
Table 1: 5-11 Library of the Lion: GM: GM Wanted!!!

Summary: The PC's find themselves in Oppara the capital of Taldor where Venture Captain Muesello and Lady Gloriana Morilla describe a unique
opportunity: the Pathfinder Society may be able to sneak a few agents into a hidden library beneath the Kitharodian Academy to study priceless texts that they otherwise are denied access to. By infiltrating the library while much of the academy is watching an exceptional performance in the grand prince’s honor, the PCs can hopefully break in without attracting much notice.

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Re: July 19th 7-11pm
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Jason - Fighter - Level 4


Re: July 19th 7-11pm
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Tom Paladin lvl 4
Tommy Ranger lvl 4