Author Topic: Swampcon:Frontiers in Gainesville FL Jan 15-16  (Read 369 times)


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Swampcon:Frontiers in Gainesville FL Jan 15-16
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:07:53 pm »
Come and join us this MLK weekend at the University of Florida Reitz union for Swampcon 2017: Frontiers! Swampcon is a free student run convention that occurs every year in Gainesville, FL. Join us as we set out to explore the vast reaches of the planes! There will be Pathfinder games running from Saturday through Monday as we prepare to explore, report, and cooperate!

We will be running the multi-table special Siege of the Diamond City Saturday night at 7pm, it was the kick of to the well loved season 5 and should be a great time.

Game signups are on our Warhorn website and if you have any questions at all please contact me through our facebook page or by messaging me on here.
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