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Veterans Vault, 3 Oct at 7PM
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:22:30 am »
PFS 4-18: The Veteran's Vault
Monday, Oct 3, 7-11pm at Gathering Games
Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, character levels 1-5
Written by Savannah Broadway
While many Pathfinders meet unfortunate fates in their ongoing explorations of the dangerous world of Golarion, some retire with decades' worth of treasure in their coffers, and their lives still intact. When one such Pathfinder approaches the Grand Lodge with the hidden location of her treasure vault, it falls upon a new generation of Pathfinders to retrieve from within a valuable keepsake. That they can keep anything other than the ex-Pathfinder's locket makes the assignment all the sweeter.

Sign up here:
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Re: Veterans Vault, 3 Oct at 7PM
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already played this one but hope you all enjoy!
Wesley - Fighter (Archer) - lvl 9
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