Author Topic: PFS at Cool Stuff Waterford Lakes on Fridays  (Read 331 times)


PFS at Cool Stuff Waterford Lakes on Fridays
« on: September 04, 2016, 05:18:35 pm »
Hi all, Kristy and I are starting up PFS at the Cool Stuff Waterford Lakes store on Friday nights from 7-11 pm as an alternative for folks who can't do weeknight gaming. We're trying to build up a base of gamers so we're starting with the 3 evergreen scenarios in CORE campaign mode to make it easier for new players. We'll also be offering Quests for walk-ins who want to try out the game.

And if there's anything someone wants us to run, just let us know. We have 99% of all the mods (aside from a few specials) and will run whatever is needed. For now we'll be using the "PFS @ CoolStuff Waterford" Facebook group to try and coordinate until things get going, or you can email us at "pfswaterford at".

Also I cannot promise that there will or will not be baked good available from time to time. :)
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