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Announcement: Seeker Arc: All For Immortality Parts 1 - 3
« on: March 14, 2016, 07:23:42 pm »
The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild has produced a huge number of great adventures over the years, but few can compare to series Eyes of the Ten, a four-part extravaganza of high-level play and dire revelations about the Society and its enemies. Just ask any veteran of the campaign. When Eyes of the Ten survivors meet up at conventions, they excitedly swap stories of "Here's how we handled this faction mission," "We saved that NPC by doing this," and "Yeah, that monster nearly ended us—twice." A lot of that excitement comes from the powerful story and wild destinations, but a big share of the exhilaration comes from something we do all too rarely in Pathfinder Society: play high-level characters. In fact, nearly 5 years have passed since the last installment of Eyes of the Ten released. In that time the campaign has included a few higher-level opportunities in interactive specials and sanctioned high-level printed adventures, but the organized play program hasn't really published more high-level content that it can call its own.

In Season 7 we want to change that. We've assembled an all-star team of writers for our new three-part Seeker arc All for Immortality, which debuts this April. As in Eyes of the Ten, this new story takes the PCs to exciting new locations, many of which I've always wanted to visit but could never justify in a lower-level adventure. Likewise, you'll clash with powerful villains we dared not face before and deal a powerful blow to some of the Society's oldest enemies. The action begins in Thuvia with Pathfinder Society Scenario #7-20: All for Immortality, Part 1: First Taste of Eternity by veteran organized play author Thurston Hillman. Now that the secret's out, you'll see the product page appear soon.

Let's talk some numbers. First, this is a three-part series, and we're not going to make you wait a whole season to experience the story; expect #7-26 (Part 2) in June and #7-29 (Part 3) in July, following a brief hiatus to manage PaizoCon releases in May. Second, we're aware that it can be tough to schedule Eyes of the Ten because it requires PCs to have exactly 33 XP. That's a necessary restriction for a series written with only one character level in mind, but it would be so much easier for players and organizers if we treated this more like standard scenarios, right? After all, I imagine many players would love to play both Seeker arcs with the same character. With that in mind, I'm happy to announce that all three All for Immortality adventures are Tier 12-15 (Subtiers 12-13 and 14-15).

Finally, there's one additional date that you should remember: April 6th! That Wednesday, Tonya and I will be joining Ryan and Perram on the Know Direction Podcast to discuss this—including the other adventures' titles, authors, and destinations—share news about upcoming conventions, and answer your questions. Join us!

Also, check back here next week for some long-anticipated sanctioned material for the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

John Compton
Pathfinder Society Lead Developer

I wanted to copy this announcement and post it here for all Jax Lodge Members. Now that the cat is out of the bag and we can talk a bit about it and what this means for our area. First things first: Does this mean that Eyes of the Ten is going away?? (It has been said that if and when a new Seeker Arc was to come out they would phase out Eyes) As of right now the answer is no. Eyes deals with a lot of stuff from seasons 0-2. Most of our players here are new and have been experiencing a lot of those adventurers. Will they phase out Eyes?? Rumors aside that is always a possibility. At Ancient City Andrew and Mike are debating on offering Eyes of the Ten. In a few weeks time they should be posting on here about ACC. Now that stuff is announced; they will be posting the next few months scenarios and other sanctioned material. Which means we will be able to offer some new and exciting stuff as well :D

So Back to Seeker Stuff!! With us now hitting the middle of our Season 7 and many of you experiencing higher level play at Caydens Crawl and abroad; a new group of 12th level players will be emerging. It is our hope that we will do this arc like the Eyes Arc was handled here over the last two years. (You guys find a group your comfortable with and believe me you want a group of at least 5.) I will post a second Topic asking for everyone to post their current roster of Level 12 Characters. That way we have a contact point for everyone looking for a peeps. Some people may not want to join your crew as they may have plans to run with friends in other states or CONs. Believe me thoughts about how this may be handled at Gen-Con is making its rounds. So be Patient and realize it may be some time before a group is assembled here in JAX to play this Epic Seeker Arc!

On a side note: Please do not spoil the story. A few years back some players decided to talk very openly about Waking Rune and ruined it for two players. Some surprises were spoiled and they were not happy. Just make sure you ask around before hand so the story stays special for those wanting to play it. I know we are pretty good about things like that: For 3 years I managed not to have anything about Eyes spoiled for me until an issue came up with a Chronicle Sheet and I had to poke around and ask. So last year when I got to finally play it was as good as I had hoped :D  I will strive to make sure you all get the same chance.

The New Seek Arc will be done like Eyes when offered here in JAX to locals. Does this mean a VO will run it or have to run it?? Nope. The Group will decide. The VOs will help and if they are wanting to be considered to GM they can always throw their name in the hat. Its the adventuring parties choice. We can post it for you and help find a secure place to run it. We will not be offering this at a Game Day or Night. This is a SOLO thing. My group ran at a Hotel, another group ran in the privacy of a home and another at a Game Store on Off days so no one from PFS would overhear. I will post more info later tonight.

- James

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