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Week 1 of crafting.
« on: April 20, 2015, 04:53:11 pm »
Hey guys! Just started doing some tiles, minis and props. Been working on them during the week when my family gave me some "me" time. First time crafter, but critique away! Any tips/tricks would be appreciated.

Here's a big cave tile with some stone chests on top. Forgive the troll feet in the pic.

Here's a big field tile with 2 helions and cauldrons I made.

Here are the cave and field tiles together with a few road tiles I made. This will essentially be our first combat area.

First mini's I painted. Our hero minis. Dwarf fighter, halfling rogue, dwarf healer, elven mage.

Some bonfires I'm making.

Dice tower I made. Needs to be painted. Completely made from foam board.


Re: Week 1 of crafting.
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Here are some rats. Yes, they're handpainted. Yes, it sucks. Yes, they are rat minis, on a mousepad, next to my pc mouse which is called a R.A.T.