Author Topic: Pathfinder ACG/OP Important links  (Read 2277 times)


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Pathfinder ACG/OP Important links
« on: February 08, 2015, 08:31:17 am »
Hey all, I'm going to use this post to collect a number of important links for not only PACG OP but the general game. If there's a link you think should be here, please shoot me a email or a PM.

Paizo main site:
Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild site:

PACG Rise of the Runelords FAQ:
PACG Skull & Shackles FAQ:

PACG Guide to Organized play:
PACG Class Decks FAQ:
Aketh the Immortal: Lvl 10 Lissalan Vampire
Thorton: LVL 12 Bladebonded Half-Elf Magus
Fitch: LVL 11 Tiefling Preservationist of Cheliax
Hogan: LVL9 Half-Orc Monk
Krock Fasthands: Lvl 5 Gunhunter of Alkenstar
Thorag Dogspeaker: Lvl 3 Cavalier Huntsmen