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CONjure convention Aug 1-3
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:48:20 pm »
Good news, everybody!

Unlike Professor Farnsworth, I mean it.  We have a new convention in Orlando that has asked us to provide Pathfinder Society games in their gaming area.

Introducing CONjure, presented by DreamCon.

It runs August 1st through 3 rd.  I will need volunteers and am looking for people interested in attending.  The rooms are reasonable as are the tickets to the convention.

As usual, GM 4 slots and get into the con for free.  GM 6 or 7 slots and I can see about getting you space in a hotel room (to be shared with up to 3 other GMS).

I am setting up the schedule based on getting a lot of walk in and new players so a lot of low level and Season 5 low levels scenarios.

If there is a lot of interest for experienced players I can add other scenarios.

This is two weeks before GenCon, so I understand some cannot even think about this.

For those not hitting GenCon or any other big ones like DragonCon or Origins, come on out to Orlando and play some PFS.

Plus, JOEL HODGESON of MST3K is a guest!!!  (fanboy squeeling)

Warhorn is under construction.  I believe other non-PFS games are going to be offered as well.

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