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Welcome to Get Your Fun On (Updated 9 Nov '15)
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Come in to Get Your Fun On! The store is co-located with Famous Faces & Funnies for 5k+ square feet of gaming and comic heaven at:
3030 W. New Haven Ave
West Melbourne, FL 32904


SCRAGCon: SCRAGCon is hosting multiple tables of Pathfinder Society the first Saturday of every month. The first session begins at 11 A.M. and the second session begins at 4:00 P.M. Event signups can be found on Warhhorn.

Weekly PFS: Every Saturday (except 1st Saturday of the month) 11 - 4 P.M.; 1100-1600 for military folks. 1-3 tables, see weekly thread on this messageboard announcing what is being run that week. Signups on Warhorn.

WARHORN Click link for signups.

Table Fees
Get Your Fun On charges a $2.00 table fee per person per session played. GMs do not pay the table fee.  Additionally, you do not have to pay table fees if you make a purchase of at least $20.00 and purchases paid in cash receive 5% off (except table fees and snacks).

Contact: E-mail Broxxigan (PFS store coordinator) {}, trollbill (SCRAGCon coordinator) {} or Samantha Dumont (Space Coast Venture Lieutenant) {} to ask questions or coordinate scenarios to be played. Or to pour forth your moans, groans, concerns, and complaints regarding local PFS play!

Posting Scenarios: Feel free to start a thread posting the scenarios you have played and GMed.
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