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Recruiting GMs for GXE
« on: September 03, 2012, 09:21:46 pm »
Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to post that we are looking for GMs for our next GXE event - Sat Nov 3rd.  Please post here if you should be interested.  It would be helpful if you've GM-ed for PFS before but it's not necessary.

We're preparing for our third event at GXE.  Our first event had over 20 attendees and we were able to run 4 tables.  Our second event also had 20 attendees despite being held during Labor Day and DragonCon weekend.  However, during our second event, we only have enough GMs to run 3 tables and had to turn away players who hadn't registered in advance. 

We'd like to be prepared in case we end up having about 25 attendees which is a possibility because we know several attendees we had at our first event weren't able to make it to our second due to DragonCon.  So please let us know if you're able to help! 

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Re: Recruiting GMs for GXE
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2012, 09:00:39 am »
We have received a couple of volunteers and should be able to field four tables of up to 24 players for this event. We could always use an additional GM "just in case"... if we could turn those 24 players into five tables of four or five players each, even better! Contact me via PM if you are interested in helping out. So far, the last two turn-outs were both pretty large and unfortunately we had to turn folks away due to tables being at capacity and in some cases, they had arrived well after the game had started.

Be sure to post on our main event thread if you are going to attend, what character & level you want to play, and what table you want to be at. We will continue to fill in details as the event approaches. Also, remember that we muster (organize) tables at 12:30 and plan on starting by 1... showing up at 1:30 isn't an option. :)

If we don't respond right away to your posts on the forum during the month of October, it is because we (Helene and I) are busy getting hitched and dealing with family- please be patient with us, all should return to "normal"  :o in late October.