Author Topic: Here are all of the Faction Letters for Season 5. They detail overarching goals  (Read 970 times)


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Here are all of the Faction Letters for Season 5. They detail the overarching goal of each Faction for the Year of the Demon. Know them well!

Andoran Faction Colson Maldris wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Defender of Freedom,

    Allow me to be among the first to welcome you back to Absalom following our productive year abroad. When I set sail from Magnimar, the Andoren embassy there was thriving. I cannot say for certain which was more beautiful: the exquisite building we left as an enduring monument to freedom or the teary-eyed people who were so sad to see some of us depart!

    Once I set foot in Absalom, I quickly heard not only that there is trouble brewing in Mendev but that the Pathfinder Society has already begun sending a host of agents north. I imagine the society’s move is largely intended to support their expedition to the nearby dwarven ruins, but I know that Mendev will have need of every capable sword arm and spellcaster. Absalom is said to be sending its own soldiers, but I have not yet seen any signs of the military mobilizing. The same persuasiveness that you brought to bear in wooing the Magnimarian people will be of great use in slashing through the red tape that no doubt ensnares this familiar metropolis.

    I trust I will be joining the exodus soon, but first it is important that we receive news of Andoran and confirm that our proud nation has done its part in supporting Mendev. I expect to meet with at least one of the Andoren statesmen in a few days’ time, and I would appreciate your accompanying me as we report the past year’s success and learn the past year’s news from home.

    Liberty never rests,
    Major Colson Maldris

Cheliax Faction Zarta Dralneen wrote in Arodus, 4713

    My Closest Confidante,

    By all appearances, at last the baying dogs of Cheliax have given up the chase, thanks in large part to your efforts. No matter how safe we seem, my darling, remember that a hellhound rarely forgets the scent of its quarry, and it may be some time before we are again hailed in Cheliax rather than hounded. In the meantime we shall operate out of Korvosa, though you must excuse me for not inviting you to our fast-growing base of operations; I regret to tell you that our rather cozy meetings of the past will be more rare, for I have critical tasks abroad that I need you to handle.

    If you have not heard, the abyssal quagmire called the Worldwound is bubbling over, and the demons within are sure to spill into neighboring Mendev in the coming days. I wish to send you there, but not for the reason that seems so obvious. By all appearances you must serve the greater good, the crusaders, and whatever other honeyed drivel they feed their soldiers. Only stay there long enough to learn the critical weaknesses of Mendev and the demons, for this intelligence is critical to our long-term plans.

    No doubt you are giving this missive that adorably quizzical look that I so love. Think, my pet. If another crusade should break out, it will draw every do-gooder in Avistan and distract every important nation’s eyes. That will grant us the freedom to pursue our own agenda without some fool in shining armor bumbling about, ruining our plans, and loudly shouting an oath to Cayden Cailean. Once we know the weaknesses of each side, I can pull strings to ensure that the conflict lasts long enough for us to accomplish what we must. Trust that I want the crusaders to win in the end; abyssal conquest is in none of our interests.

    Ah, but what are our interests? I am researching several untapped sources of power—rather dark power—that will give us an edge in the days to come. The Chelish traditions of bargaining, deal-making, and binding have not been forgotten, and if we acquire enough arcane and planar might, Cheliax will certainly receive us again with open arms. Should you encounter other sources of magic that might give your allies pause, I leave it to your discretion as to whether we should add it to our arsenal or spurn it as too dangerous.
    In the meantime, learn what you can about the crusaders’ foibles and their fortifications’ flaws. Our plans cannot come to fruition without that.

    Longing for your company,
    Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

Grand Lodge Faction Ambrus Valsin wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Determined Delver,

    We leave Varisia a safer place, thanks to the efforts of you and your fellow Pathfinders. The long-slumbering Krune is now forever at rest, and the masters Aram Zey and Kreighton Shaine personally traversed the Hao Jin Tapestry to escort the runelord’s immensely powerful artifacts back to the Grand Lodge for study.

    No doubt you have heard of the unexpected discovery made while agents explored the depths beneath Janderhoff and Koldukar: we learned of a long-lost dwarven Sky Citadel in what was once Sarkoris and we now know as the Worldwound. An expedition into a demon-ravaged wasteland is perhaps our most dangerous undertaking yet, and making the journey will require considerable preparation. Fortunately, Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury and Venture-Captain Thurl have been hard at work in Nerosyan for years, and we have an excellent base of operations awaiting the arrival of loyal agents. I have no doubt that you, one of the most reliable Pathfinders I have had the pleasure to work with, will be among the first to travel north for this grand undertaking.

    In the coming months, we will need to acquire as many outside resources as possible to ensure success. Representatives of the Decemvirate have already approached the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains for aid, and they have agreed to assist us in reaching the citadel so long as they can reclaim it once we have explored it to our satisfaction. The details are still being worked out, and negotiators are on their way to Nerosyan to finalize the details.

    Your mission is, as always, the Pathfinders’ mission. Ensure that you are doing everything you can to make this expedition a success, and in the event that complications should arise, I will need trustworthy Pathfinders on hand to send in and resolve the problem without causing an international debacle.

    Explore, Report, Cooperate!
    Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Osirion Faction Amenopheus wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Faithful Servant of the Past,

    Returning to Osirion was a bittersweet experience, for as much as I appreciated the sweatless warmth of the desert sands, I am also the bearer of dire news.

    When I walked into the royal apartments where the Ruby Prince reclined, I could see that at least one of my cures had halted the ongoing decay of our monarch’s arm, but the damage was hardly undone. To say that he was impatient to be rid of this affliction would be akin to calling a boot-trodden asp mildly irritated; every other breath was accompanied by a curse disparaging our tireless work. Although I assured him that this cure would take a few days to work, he furiously reprimanded everyone present before calling upon his own power to crush the infection himself. In a flash of light, he banished the Thassilonian affliction but at great cost to his own health. It pained me to see him taxed so heavily by the spellcasting, but it pained me even more when he dismissed me from his service.

    You and I are no longer servants of the Ruby Prince in anything but spirit. We have not been exiled, but neither are we welcome and honored. I spent three days humbly requesting that you not share my fate, but our prince’s counselors were unwilling to hear me; however, do not despair—especially those who might have returned to life as a Risen Guard.

    I still have my title of the Sapphire Sage, for it was not granted to me by the reigning dynasty. In fact, it is not a self-proclaimed title but one that I inherited a rather long time ago when I became a Jeweled Sage. These sages have long existed in Osirion to protect the kingdom’s historical integrity, guide its rulers, and guard the secrets of the past. The Ruby Prince may have released me from his service, but in truth he has allowed us the opportunity to extend our protection to far more than just Osirion.

    I long acted with the understanding that I was the only remaining sage, but several years ago I communicated with a venerable man named Zuberi who promised me information about one of the other sages should I assist him. Someone interrupted the ritual he needed, and the trail died with him.

    Assist the Pathfinder Society, and I shall work to reestablish our network of contacts. Ensure that you keep alert for any signs of the Jeweled Sages, learn what you can, and report back to me. Do not, however, pester everyone you meet. If any other sage is alive and has not made himself known, I do not doubt he would frown on tactless, indiscriminant inquiries.

    Together we shall persevere,
    Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Qadira Faction Aaqir al'Hakam wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Fellow Entrepreneur,

    Despite its rich markets and the ravenous appetite for exotic goods, I am comforted to think that this is the last that I shall see of Varisia for a long while. I often mentioned my homeland when greeting local merchants, but instead of prompting curiosity or hospitality, being the direct representative of a nation seemed to establish me as an invader who had designs to carve up the region for Qadira’s benefit. Fortunately the dwarves of Janderhoff were not so easily ruffled, and I suspect the first caravans shall arrive in Katheer in another month. You played an instrumental role in securing this trade route, and the entire empire thanks you.

    Being viewed askance for being a foreign agent in a distant land is nothing new, and several regions—particularly those dominated by our competition—have often restricted Qadiran shipments. Thus far we have fought every competitor, rarely showing any willingness to shake a hand over anything but a transaction. The crusaders of Mendev, who accept soldiers of any background and train them to work together, might serve as an example for us. Let us build friendships and alliances with one or more powerful trade partners.

    I am sending agents throughout the Inner Sea, but we have a history together that I shall honor; I trust your logic and intuition more than most, and it will be your opinion that helps to shape the future of our faction’s economic might. If a prospective trade partner seems a good fit, court that organization as best you can. If someone offers to ally with us whom you believe unsuitable, I trust you to reject him or her politely.

    To our shared fortunes,
    Trade-Prince Aaqir al’Hakam

Sczarni Faction Guaril Karela wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Upstanding Cousin,

    There’s something about being waited on by a trio of blackmailed nobles that makes me truly sad to leave Varisia. Of course, these nobles were not blackmailed by us; they were simply—
    The above lines are crossed out repeatedly and barely legible.

    I shall truly miss Varisia, but that market is saturated already by our burgeoning enterprises. One might think that ending the threat of a runelord would open new commercial opportunities, but apparently such a feat merely makes locals feel safer and less interested in buying guaranteed protection services.

    Instead let us turn our sights to the world beyond Varisia’s borders. The folk of far-off places like Taldor, Katapesh, and the like say, “Who is this Guaril Karela? I have never heard of these Sczarni you mention.” These are people who I would love to conscript for a jury, but they are hardly doing our humble operation any favors in the long run. Let us start with the low-hanging fruit of Mendev, where I hear there’s no end of demand for the rarely sufficient supply. Of course, where there’s demand for goods exchanged over the table, there’s a niche for purchasing choice goods under the table, too.

    The trouble is that we don’t have enough information just yet as to who does the moving and shaking in the shadows of Nerosyan. If there’s nobody there already, then the Diamond of the North is ours for the taking. If there’s someone operating there already, find out who’s who and how they operate. If you’re having trouble finding out who to talk to, don’t forget to check among the metal-clad dupes who keep throwing themselves in front of demons—the local vernacular is “crusaders;” I’ve heard some of them grew up around shady folk and might know a thing or two about shady dealings.

    Stay discreet,
    Guaril Karela

Silver Crusade Faction Ollysta Zadrian wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Warrior of Light,

    The Runelord of Sloth is no more, and in time all of Varisia shall know that it was a force of justice and light that vanquished the slumbering evil. The Pathfinder Society must certainly appreciate the prestige, and in time they will no doubt learn to embrace the cause of Good.

    However, while one part of the world can sleep easy, another is under assault. For nearly a century and over four crusades, the crusaders of Mendev have held the Worldwound’s demons at bay at great cost. Every day for the past week I have felt a terrible throbbing to the north as if some sinister malignance were preparing to burst from the Worldwound, and I have done what I can to hasten the Pathfinder Society’s preparations for its expedition into that abyssal landscape. Having hundreds of agents in Nerosyan will bolster the crusaders’ numbers in case trouble should befall the Diamond of the North, and we shall be ready to lead our comrades against what may be the greatest evil ever to blight Avistan.

    More than just the Sky Citadel is at stake, however. Should Mendev fall, all that we hold dear would die with it. Strike down the demons that threaten our future, and be the shining paragon that motivates others to stand strong and hold the line. They shall look to you and follow your example, so remember that your actions shall influence how others view the Silver Crusade; should you find yourself presented with a difficult choice, always choose that which will create a shining legacy to inspire others.

    We march north with the first light,
    Ollysta Zadrian

Taldor Faction Gloriana Morilla wrote in Arodus, 4713

    Noble Agent,

    I once observed a child playing with a stick as though it were a sword. He whipped it back and forth, slashing at the air as though battling some great beast, though ultimately any victory he might realize would be a figment of his imagination and of no lasting consequence. In his zeal, the child accidentally struck himself in the leg and fell down crying. Had the boy simply benefited from a trained swordsman’s teachings, he might have secured a respectable future. Watching the foppish debutantes of Magnimar and Korvosa prance about under the guise of nobility reminds me of that little boy. They could be so much more were they willing to accept our guidance, but stubbornly they persist. Perhaps when they accidentally wound themselves with their own ignorance they might remember the written offers I left many of them before departing.

    I eagerly anticipate your return to Absalom, for everyone is talking of troubles in Mendev; it seems that the Worldwound’s demons are stirring, and the crusaders desperately seek reinforcements. We should be among those reinforcements, but our responsibility is even greater than that. Whenever an evil has threatened Avistan, who has led the charge? Taldor. If this is the dawn of a new crusade, then it is only reasonable that Taldor rides at the head of the armies, winning back its rightful role as the greatest of empires. I have not yet learned how large an army Taldor is sending north, but I believe I shall have such a chance in the coming days.

    If you are in Absalom at the time, your presence would be a considerable boon. I have had cause to mention you by name—always in a positive light—in several of my correspondences with my contacts in Taldor, and your support might tip the balance in our favor when convincing our true aristocracy to levy an ever greater army.

    To the ever-glorious empire,
    Lady Gloriana Morilla