Author Topic: Looking for a Social gathering to discuss upcoming Dec 1st and 15th game session  (Read 759 times)


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Hello everybody. I have reached out and scheduled the next Pathfinder Society game sessions at Cool Comics and Games on Dec 1st and 15th. As this is our maiden voyage with myself at the helm, I am sure it will be similar to the Titanic; only with higher survival chances

More Importantly, I was hoping to get a social gathering [perhaps Sunday night ~8:00 pm @ CCG] . No game sessions to be run, but a meet & greet to discuss expectations, requests or whatever. If anyone has a suggestion after Nov 18th, I am open for it.

Please post below with your ingenious and witty remarks.
{We all know you have some, so share with the whole class}.

On a side note, Happy Veterans Day. To my brothers and sisters in arms, I salute you. Thank you for the sacrifices you have given in the defense of my homeland.