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RPG Tools (Computers and Tablets)
« on: August 13, 2013, 07:07:52 pm »
I did a bit a LOOOOONG while back on my blog on the stuff you can use to streamline your gaming experience. It was mostly focused on the iPad but I have some info on a LOT of stuff for gaming. I'll try to put up what I'm using, seeing and hearing about and share with the community.  (I will update as I have time..this is NOT complete yet)

-HeroLab (Windows/Mac) My favorite PC making tool. I have had it for YEARS so I have lots of licenses invested in it. Not just pathfinder but Mutants and Masterminds, CoC and others. It's a good tool but not perfect.
-Campaign Cartographer (Windows) A great map making tool if you got the skill for it. (I don't. :( )
-NitroReader (Windows) Great way to 'rip' maps out from PDFs to print in full level methods or to resize for VTTs.

-Herolab Sheet (iPad) Right now this is just a Pathfinder character sheet app, but the folks at Lone Wolf Development are talking about making it a full on generator and hopefully they will be continuing on developing it for the Android platform as well.
-3D Vitrtual Tabletop (iPad/Android/Web*) Right now it's more of a demo model than actual operating model but it is a VERY impressive demo and with their kickstarter doing well, I am sure they will get the full on version running. They have some impressive plans in place.
-iCrit/iFumble (iPad/Android) The app version of Paizo's fumble/crit decks. I wish they would do something like it for their buffing decks or harrow decks.
-PF Reference (iPad/Android) It's a quick and easy access to the PRD. You have to pay for the stuff beyond the core but it's not expensive and it's painless.
-Goodreader (iPad) Without a doubt one of the most robust PDF readers for the iOS (not sure they have an android version but..DAMN THEY should). I think Dominick introduced me to this and it only continues to show more features as I play with it. It unzips zip files for one thing and can hand off to other readers.

VTT (Virtual Table Tops)
-Fantasy Grounds II
-RPG Virtual Tabletop Page Lists a LOT of options. You can check them out, see what the post has to say.
-Paizo's VTT: Currently in Beta. Very very rough from what I've heard, but has some interesting issues.

Web Based
-Obsidian Portal: Great site for campaign wikis and such.
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Re: RPG Tools (Computers and Tablets)
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 10:42:49 pm »
If you are a Google Docs user, here is a tool to track your scenarios played and Gm'd  The sheet is setup to load as many as 62 players as well, if you are trying to determine what scenarios a group has not played, but that requires a bit of accounting work to get the info, load and maintain.

This Link is read only, make a copy and save to your Google drive, so you can edit.
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Re: RPG Tools (Computers and Tablets)
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2014, 10:48:44 am »
You should add the Combat Manager to the PC section:

It is a pretty good program. I have used it in our home games several times to track monsters and it has really helped speed things up.

It's even better when you take a few minutes to prep encounters ahead of time. Just load it up the encounter and start bashing PCs.  :)
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