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Title: April 30th 2019 - Java Game Haus - PACG SoPT 3-2A&B
Post by: Kiwi Chris on April 17, 2019, 06:11:09 pm
Hi All

April 30th 2019 , 18:00-22:00 @  Java Game Haus, 11018 Old St Augustine Rd #103, Jacksonville, FL 32257

We will be playing  Season of the Plundered Tomb, tonight we are going for 2 scenarios
3-2A: Raid on the Warehouse
3-2B: Desertís Fury

There will be a hard cap of 5 players at the table

I will be box running and happy to teach people who have never played before
I have pregen characters for players who don't have Class decks, however would like to try the game
We do have the option for a second box and can start a new group out of that, playing 3-1A if more people want to join in

Any questions, sing out otherwise please post here if you would like to reserve a slot